My Watercolor Adventures!


My Watercolor Adventure!

I can’t believe I love it so much!

At the end of May, a friend of my mothers reached out and told me she was moving. As an artist herself she was getting rid of a large amount of supplies she had gathered over the years. I loaded my poor little slugbug full of great goodies! I got paper, and pencils, and markers, and an old beat up watercolor palette. It was an Angora watercolor palette.

This palette had been through the ringer. some of the paints were mostly gone, or the colors had all been mixed together. But I was curious. I had only used watercolors once before. I wasn’t really proficient and I wanted to learn more! I had a booth at the local Pop Culture con in my city and I figured since people loved original art maybe I should make some to sell.

My first attempts were rough. I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing. But It was my first real college try so I wasn’t too upset. They look okay, sellable. Miraculous the mushroom painting sold at the convention! A Snuffkin cosplayer saw it and had to have it!

My second attempts were better! I actually felt happy with these paintings. I sold a few of these at the convention too! The Pokemon ones naturally, but the two landscapes I kinda crapped out sold too! And the Gaster painting sold. It broke my heart so see it go, but a Gaster Cosplayer bought it so I know it went to the right person!

I tried my hand at writing, only to find I have absolutely garbage handwriting. I also did some portraits of my favorite anime characters. They all sold at the convention as well! After the convention I didn’t really art much. I was mentally and physically exhausted. But when I did finally paint, wooooo boy! I am so happy with the results!

OMG DID THESE COME FROM ME???? I MUST HAVE BLACKED OUT WHEN I PAINTED THESE! OMG! AHHHH. That was my exact reaction to these paintings. I have come so long and I am so happy with the results! I just want to keep doing more!

A foyer into Procreate!

A foyer into Procreate!

On my recent trip to Poland, I got to mess around in Procreate on my Professors iPad and Apple Pencil. I have never really drawn on a tablet other than my Wacom Cintiq. It was interesting and different! I really enjoyed the Apple Pencil, it was super awesome to use and I enjoy the feel!